about collaboration for good

At Collaboration for Good, we collaborate, create, report and lead to empower our clients social impact journey. Our expert team crafts compelling narratives by merging data, design, and storytelling, aligning your corporate citizenship with business and marketing strategies.


And create initiatives that reflect your core values. With extensive experience in the corporate sector, we understand the importance of aligning philanthropy with your principles, designing innovative programs that mirror your brand and drive meaningful change. Our comprehensive approach to strategic corporate responsibility elevates your social impact initiatives to unprecedented heights.

We offer top-tier tools and guidance for GHG (Green House Gas) inventory, making ESG reporting seamless. And our fractional CSR (corporate social responsibility) Officers are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you lead the way in fulfilling your CSR goals. Elevate your outreach, foster deeper community connections, and make a tangible, substantial difference with Collaboration For Good.

Our partner in sustainability

In partnership with Nectar, Collaboration For Good revolutionizes ESG reporting for your organization. Nectar automates resource data collection, enhancing the auditability of environmental data while simplifying the entire process. It seamlessly integrates environmental data sources with your ESG platform, extracting utility data from bills and integrating it into your ESG reporting software. This ensures large companies meet emissions disclosure requirements effortlessly. With over 50,000 companies facing mandatory utility data collection for upcoming US/EU regulations, Nectar eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual data parsing, saving 100 million annual work hours, reducing audit costs, and enhancing ESG score accuracy.

“Nectar Climate is thankful for Collaboration for Good’s advice and feedback, which has paved the way for timely product feedback and future partnerships. The support has in part helped our solution secure additional funding, ensuring its continuous operation as a long-term solution for companies. Together, we are making a significant impact on sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

Allen Wang, Co-Founder, Nectar Climate