Equality Health Foundation Focuses on Forging Connections

Convene, collaborate and build. These are the three principles that guide Equality Health Foundation’s social impact work. The organization’s bold goal to advance access to health and well-being in diverse and under-resourced communities has elevated its ability to influence positive change. And with the lens of its diverse board, Equality Health Foundation is eliminating health disparities, expanding access to care, accelerating health education and building a network of partners, supporting overall healthier and more vibrant communities throughout Arizona.

As the dueling pandemics of 2020 hit, the Foundation recognized it was at a crossroad. The community’s needs had shifted overnight and, with this, the foundation’s focus. The need was clear: Efforts had to focus on closing disparity gaps and opening doors to good health. So, the Foundation pivoted efforts to center on COVID-19 and inequalities in access to testing and vaccines, as well as on the societal unease and awareness of social justice, racism and inequalities in the state.

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