Four Peaks Brewing: All for Teachers

Four Peaks Brewing Company has a storied past in Arizona. The founders have a track record of both honoring history and innovating for the future all at once. This began with their first location in Tempe, a mission revival-style brick factory, which is still standing strong after more than 100 years and continues today with their inspiring community outreach efforts.

Having their start funded from the resale of large vessels perfect for serving beer, otherwise known as Grundy tanks, the founders of Four Peaks are accustomed to finding solutions to everyday problems. Nearly three years after the idea for Four Peaks was hatched, they finally opened the brewery. Now, two decades later, they’ve maintained that neighborhood pub mentality while proposing and eventually partnering up with Anheuser-Busch to share their unique brews beyond Arizona and into the world.

This success is thanks in large part to their flagship beer, Kilt Lifter. Having won multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup for this brew, Kilt Lifter has been the cornerstone of their business. Kilt Lifter’s popularity has not only served as 60% of Four Peaks’ overall brew and the No. 1 locally made beer in Arizona, but it has facilitated the overwhelming success of their 2020 Four Peaks for Teachers campaign.

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