Heroes for Zero Waste and Zero Hunger

Feeding the Human Spirit is a guiding principle that Kroger Fry’s brands live by. Their commitment to end hunger in communities and eliminate waste across their company is something of an amazing undertaking. Sadly, in the United States an astounding 40 percent of food produced is thrown away. This is where Fry’s’ signature campaign, Zero Hunger Zero Waste, comes into play. Fry’s has established the lofty goal to end the strife of hunger by 2025.

Fry’s has named this program the “Moonshot” Initiative. This national campaign has become a hallmark for the company. “We don’t — and we won’t — have all the answers,” says Jessica Adelman, Kroger’s group vice president of corporate affairs. “While we are clear about our vision, we are flexible about how to get there. We are working closely with both Feeding America and World Wildlife Fund, our longstanding partners, to develop transparent metrics to track our progress.”

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