Risas Dental and Braces: Giving to Grow Communities

Each February for National Children’s Dental Health Month, Risas Dental and Braces doctors provide dental education to elementary schools. They bring along dental goodie bags for each student, containing a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. This is but one program that Risas’ teammates and doctors participate in.

Since the opening of its first Phoenix office on Labor Day 2011, community engagement has been a core element to the company’s culture. To celebrate its first opening, Risas provided free dental care to the community during that one-day event. This tradition of paying it forward through new office openings has continued. And, with 27 clinics now in operation across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas, the impact has grown considerably.

That original Labor Day opening has since served as the inspiration for the company’s signature giving event. Labor of Love has become a beloved tradition in the communities Risas serves. During the single-day event, select Risas offices participate in providing free dental treatment, be it exams and X-rays, basic cleaning, extraction or filling. In 2021, Labor of Love gave away more than $500,000-worth of free treatment.

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