SanTan Brewery: Creating Earthly Change through Partnership and Innovation

Since 2007, Arizona’s craft can pioneers have been an agent for positive change. Originally launched in the heart of Historic Downtown Chandler, SanTan Brewery’s operations grew quickly. And, through its continued dedication to innovation and partnership, the SanTan Brewing Company has been able to revolutionize its industry while keeping community at the forefront of its business.

SanTan has been a leading advocate for the “craft beer revolution.” Starting in 2009, the company recognized that there was an opportunity to aid humanity while growing and diversifying its business. This approach brought the company to begin packaging its beers in cans. “We care about everything that goes into making our beer and spirits, from the ingredients to the packaging,” shares Anthony Canecchia, founder and brewmaster of SanTan Brewing Company. With an annual production rate of 50,000 barrels, this change made a big impact for our environment.

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