2 Companies Eliminating their Charitable Giving Programs

In the quest to understand the changing landscape of corporate philanthropy, we asked two top executives to share their insights on companies eliminating their charitable giving programs. From the Co-Founder and CEO’s revelation about Nike halting the “Nike Foundation” to the CEO and Founder’s insights on Coca-Cola terminating its philanthropy, here are the two key insights they shared.

  • Nike Halts “Nike Foundation” for Profitability
  • Coca-Cola Terminates Philanthropy, Impacting Global Initiatives

Nike Halts “Nike Foundation” for Profitability

In an unexpected turn, Nike, the powerhouse in the sporting goods industry, is reportedly halting its “Nike Foundation.” This program, well-known for championing equality and fostering physical activity for underprivileged youth, is being overturned to focus on core business profitability. The move by Nike has sparked conversations on the delicate balance between business success and societal giving, openly questioning the true role of corporations in contributing to communal prosperity.

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth


Coca-Cola Terminates Philanthropy, Impacting Global Initiatives

Coca-Cola recently terminated its long-standing corporate philanthropy program, impacting various global initiatives. This decision affected 60% of the supported charitable projects, leading to a significant reduction in funding for community development. For instance, the cessation of Coca-Cola’s aid resulted in a 35% decline in clean water access projects in underprivileged regions, affecting thousands of individuals. The move stirred concern within the humanitarian community, highlighting the importance of sustainable corporate social responsibility in addressing critical societal challenges. Consequently, affected organizations are seeking alternative funding sources to continue their impactful work, emphasizing the need for continued support from corporate entities for societal betterment.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

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