U.S. Egg: A Family-Owned Restaurant Making a Social Impact

For more than three decades, U.S. Egg Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant has been a beloved fixture in Arizona, serving delicious meals and fostering a family-friendly environment. Still, its impact extends far beyond its tasty menu. Through its commitment to corporate social responsibility, U.S. Egg has become a shining example of how businesses can prioritize people and the planet while achieving success.

Founded by Oscar Gebran in 1986 and now run by his four children, U.S. Egg has thrived due to the strong bonds and respect within the Gebran family. Nonetheless, the family believes that their responsibility goes beyond their restaurant’s immediate success. Recognizing the importance of the triple bottom line, U.S. Egg’s leadership focuses on the well-being of people and the planet, which in turn leads to sustainable profitability.

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