Waymo Rides for Community

Waymo’s autonomous driving technology has been front page news recently, shaking up the ride share arena with
the introduction of rides from Sky Harbor Airport. This is not Waymo’s first time disrupting the transportation industry, though; the company has been a changemaker since Google first introduced the brand as its self-driving car project in 2016. While Waymo has since split from Google, it has continued supporting communities and leveraging technology to cause disruption for positive change.

In 2017, Waymo leadership recognized the knowledge gap with the public regarding driverless cars. So, they leveraged their subject matter expertise in the autonomous driving evolution with the launch of the world’s first public education campaign on the topic. Through Let’s Talk Autonomous Driving (ltad.com), they’ve worked to save lives, increase independence and improve mobility access — in the process laying the foundation for Waymo to partner with nonprofit leaders in the safety, disability and accessibility advocacy spaces.

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